I can never start talking about myself without first acknowledging you for stopping by. So, thank you! Because without you digesting the content I've created, I would just be talking to myself 😂 .

Now for the formal introduction, I'm Dayna Flowers, the creator of SheisDayna.com.  I restarted my blogging pursuit because it's something that I enjoy doing.  I had a "self-titled" blog years ago, in 2010, that covered a variety of fashion topics.  I ran that blog for a few years and established a Youtube channel to go along with it.  So I wanted to bring that back along with offering my perspective on sewing, travel, beauty, and lifestyle.

I am also a self-taught fashion designer, and I operated a women's clothing brand for four years.  I created custom designs like dresses and swimwear that were bold, daring, and creative pieces.  Obsessive Glam was my first business and journey with entrepreneurship, and I learned a lot in the process of it all.​

So as I get back into the swing of things, I want to do it more purposely.  I want to offer useful information, uplift and inspire, and empower others.  I would like for you to take away something useful to you when you exit this space.  Maybe you have learned how to embrace your style and beauty, some practical sewing tips, travel information, or just some positivity.



SheisDayna.com is about embracing fashion and lifestyle.  It is an outlet of creativity that will serve as a resource and inspiration.  That will allow us all to connect through our shared passions and interest. 



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