Hi, I'm Dayna Flowers, the blogger behind I restarted my blogging journey in 2018 after taking a hiatus for a few years. So with my return to this space, I wanted to use my blog as a creative outlet. Plus, offer my perspective on the things that interest me surrounding fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

My first love is style and fashion, so much that I taught myself how to design clothing from sketch to finished product. As a self-taught fashion designer, I created and operated a women's clothing brand, Obsessive Glam, for four years. My designs were bold, daring, and creative dresses and swimwear. It was my first business with my journey into entrepreneurship, and I'm looking forward to bringing that side of me to you all.

But, coming in second place is my love for travel. I've been traveling since I was a child. As I grew into an adult, that interest never dissipated. It only grew with time, and from that, I have been to over 22 countries and 23 states. So I look forward to sharing my experience, information, and some travel inspiration. 

Beauty became an interest of mines while modeling for years. In the industry, for a black woman, it was vital to know how to assist in that area when necessary. Getting booked for projects, I never knew what makeup artist and hairstylist I would have. Most of the time neither would have any clue what to do when it came to my beauty needs. So I learned a lot from not having my own needs met in those instances. I had quickly learned how to get camera-ready for projects. Makeup and hair became something I got good at over time from that experience. will embrace all of these things, plus a little more from my perspective. So stay a while and find some inspiration or gain a little bit of information. I want to serve as that resource for you.