Over the last few years in Downtown Detroit, many of us have witnessed the drastic changes made in that area of the city. There's been a surge of restaurants and bars opening, including numerous craft cocktail places. Craft cocktail bars typically serve beverages that embody more elements than your typical alcoholic drinks, served at a higher price point, creativity, skill-level, and taste.

I've had the opportunity to venture around and visit a few. I wanted to share with you five cocktail bars that you may want to check out if you're ever in Downtown Detroit.

#1 Sugar House

5 Cocktails Bars in Detroit Sugar House

The Sugar House is one of my favorite cocktail spots that's located in Detroit right now. They've never made a horrible drink for me. They have an extensive cocktail list, seasonal cocktails are always on the menu, and they have a good selection of top-shelf brands. If you're someone that may be indecisive or overwhelmed with the menu choices, I've noticed that their servers and bartenders are knowledgable and give great recommendations. I love walking into establishments that great overall vibe to it. The Sugar House gives me all the Speakeasy feels, and it just never disappoints me.

#2 The Skip

5 Cocktail Bars in Detroit The Skip

The Skip is in a unique space in the Belt Alleyway, Downtown Detroit. Although they are open during the colder months, summertime is just always better. Don't be turned off by it being in an alley. It's kept clean, and there are a few other businesses located in the alley. It has an indoor/outdoor patio setup. Sometimes seating can be limited depending on the day, as there are events at The Skip from time to time. But, I enjoy the laid-back vibes that this spot brings, and the bartenders serve up the best old-fashion with a twist.

#3 Bad Luck Bar

5 Cocktail Bars in Detroit Bad Luck Bar

The Bad Luck Bar is slightly hidden, and you have to go through an alley to get to its entrance. If you're not paying attention you will walk right past it. The space is small, so you may want to make reservations (here) before going. Otherwise, if no seating is available, you won't be able to casually just hang out at the bar. As we were seated, they welcomed us with a starter cocktail, warmed, and served in a tiny teacup. The drinks are good, and the presentation is even better. Different types of drinks will determine the theatrics that comes along with it. One thing I did find out while visiting is that along with the other premium liquor they serve, they also have created their own rum concoctions, and it's pretty good.

#4 Standby

5 Cocktails Bars in Detroit Standby

The Standby is in the same Belt Alleyway as "The Skip." They're both owned by the same person. I've only visited Standby twice, with the first interaction being the best. Although this is a cocktail spot, they do offer a small menu of appetizers, main courses, and dessert to eat. If you're planning to go and want to make dinner reservations you can do so (here). It's a cool spot to visit, I would probably recommend going when it's not too busy.

#5 CandyBar

5 Cocktail Bars in Detroit Candybar

The Candybar is a quaint location inside the Siren Hotel, a much smaller space. So if you choose to visit during a time where it's busy there may be a wait. I went on a Friday, so there was a wait. The staff was very accommodating, serving champagne as we waited. This bar gives off old Hollywood glamour, as it is tucked in the back of the hotel's lobby behind long draped curtains. The space is cute and chic, but there is such a limited menu of cocktails. But, that limited menu doesn't stop the bartenders from taking requests.