Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands off the east coast of Africa, and although it's a beautiful island, most would coin it as being expensive. Especially during their high season that is between May to August. When my boyfriend and I decided to visit, it was in December, but surprisingly accommodations were still really difficult to come by. So I would say that Seychelles is a popular destination during the Christmas seasons as well.

Our stay was only a brief pit stop for three days as we decided last minute to add it to our itinerary as we would be making our way to South Africa. Seychelles has always been on my bucket list of places I wanted to visit, so we figured why not make it happen now.

After much searching, I finally came across a property on the island of Mahe, Seychelles. It's in the area of Bel Ombre on the island. It is a 4- unit apartment complex called Surfers Cove (see property here). The property is nice, clean, and quiet. Plus, it was perfect for what we wanted while visiting. We also booked it for a great price, and it had ample space to cover our needs for the trip. It's an oceanfront property that is near Beau Vallon Beach.

The owners of Surfers Cove is a married couple that also lives on the property. They are such a gracious couple and make sure we were comfortable during our stay. Gilbert picked us up from the airport, and his wife prepared a welcome basket for when we arrive with some essentials. They both wanted to be helpful and accessible during our stay with was so thoughtful.

The apartment accommodations include a joining living room, a full kitchen, bedroom with plenty of storage, a safety deposit box, a large ensuite bathroom, free WiFi, air conditioning, and a large patio. Surfers Cove also has a large deck on-site that all guests can use. It includes patio furniture, sunbathing loungers, and a grilling station.

I mentioned that this 4 unit apartment rental is affordable, especially on the island of Seychelles. There are a lot of accommodations available on the island, and it can get pricey very quickly. But, our 3-night stay at Surfers Cove with taxes was only $486.31, which was such a deal for us! I got so excited when I found this place that I canceled the other booking that I had because I would have been spending well over $1500 for it.

This property comes highly recommended from me because I enjoyed our stay. Plus, the owners were just so pleasant to deal with and made sure that we had an enjoyable stay. It was also easy for us to get around with no vehicle from this location. During the day, we could walk to Beau Vallon beach, and it was easy and affordable to take the bus. At night we would book a driver to pick us up and take us where we needed to go. I would recommend getting a vehicle if your planning on staying longer because hiring drivers can be costly unless that's the route you want to take for your vacation.