While visiting Curacao, I had the pleasure of taking part in a plethora of activities. I was in the country of Curacao for six days, and each day I planned an activity to do. If you don't know, Curacao is a part of what is known as the ABC islands, which include Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. I've had the opportunity to visit Aruba and Curacao so far.

I ended up visiting the island at the end of May for my birthday. The island is pretty active with so many things to do, like visiting the many beaches, ATV'ing, snorkeling, or trekking the numerous caves in Curacao. There is something available for everyone on the island. Here are just a few of my recommendations:

#1 Check out Curacao Liqueur Distillery

Have you ever heard of the very popular liqueur Blue Curacao? Well, it comes from the island of Curacao. This distillery makes the blue liqueur and plenty of other flavors. This distillery offers tours between Monday through Friday, every hour from 9 a.m to 3 p.m. The guided tours can cost from $12.50 to $40 (check pricing here). It's a small distillery, and you can also go anytime on your own without a guide. The guided tour will take you through the history of the brand and offer at least one signature cocktail at the end. If you prefer the self-guided tour, it will be free to you as the distillery is opened between 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Don't worry, you can still pay to have a signature cocktail made for you at the end.

#2 Aquafari Underwater Scooter

Aquarfari is such a great underwater experience. As it allows you submerge underwater for up to an hour. It's the perfect chance to have a diving experience without needing the certification or the ability to know how to swim. Of course, you have to be comfortable with being underwater in the first place to have this experience. But I must say that it's a fun activity, even for an amateur like myself. You'll see fish, coral, and have an opportunity to explore the beautiful blue ocean. There are restrictions to participate in this Aquafari Adventure. You must be 10-years old, 4 feet tall, and less than 275 lbs. This activity will cost $115 per person. If you would like to see more photos, videos, and learn more about my experience, click here.

#3 The Flamingo Sanctuary

One of the things that I wanted to check out while on the island of Curacao was the Flamingo Sanctuary. It is located on the west side of the island in the Sin Willibrordus area, also known as Williwood. You can find flamingo nestle behind cacti and the rolling hills near the Williwood sign. It's something that I would recommend doing if your planning to engage in another activity on that side of the island because it is something quick to check out. I decided to stop by on the way to another beach on that side of the island.

#4 Visit Curacao Ostrich Farm

The Ostrich Farm is an interesting place on the island. As it was previously a farm that used to produce ostrich meat and eggs. They are very upfront about that on the farm. Over time, the location has turned into a tourist attraction because many people took an interest in learning more about ostriches. The mini safari includes a guided tour on an open vehicle. These tours are given every hour between 9 a.m to 4 p.m, and no reservation is needed. The Ostrich Farm also has a restaurant and souvenir shop onsite. To do the mini safari tour, it will cost $17 per person (see more here).

#5 Go to The Beach

When I say, "Go to the Beach" in Curacao, I mean it! There are so many beaches to choose from, and they are all worth the visit. There are plenty of beautiful, natural beaches on the island. On top of that, you can also enjoy beach activities such as jetskiing, kiteboarding, surfing, and so much more. There are over 38 beaches on the island that gives you options for the type of beach you would want to visit. Some of the beaches are secluded and small, but that doesn't take away from their beauty. For instance, the one (pictured above) is called Playa Kanoa, and we stopped for a visit while ATV'ing across the west side of the island.

#6 Tour the Hato Caves

There are plenty of beautiful caves to visit while on the island of Curacao, the Hato Caves is one of them. There is a quick tour of the caves that run every hour between 9 a.m to 5 p.m daily. No reservations are needed. Just show up at the hour you wish to take the tour and pay $9 to join in. The cave tour is guided, and they will provide you with in-depth information about the cave and how it came to be on the island of Curacao. Our guide was fluent in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and Papiamento. They will ask before the tour starts about the language you speak and adjust the Hato Caves tour accordingly. You may find more information for the guided tours (click here).

#7 Cross the Queen Emma Bridge

he Queen Emma bridge floats across St. Anna Bay in Willemstad, Curacao. It's a pontoon footbridge that connects two sides of the capital, which is the Punda and Otrobanda quarter. It was built back in 1888 and has been renovated a few times since then. The bridge swings open to allow the ships to pass throughout the day. At night the bridge arches will light up, and people like to stroll across the Queen Emma bridge.

#8 Have Fun on a ATV Buggy Tour

If you're looking for a great ATV experience, then this is one that I would highly recommend, especially if you want a real off-road experience. This guided ATV tour was so fun and was the best one that I've been on so far (and I've done a lot). Our guide was a man by the name of Leo, and he made the tour that much better. We opted to go on the 3-hour east tour. Keep in mind that off-roading for 3-hours can be a physical workout. I was glad I didn't do the 6-hour tour. After a while, I grew tired of gripping the handles from an exciting ATV experience. The ATV tour included stops at the Aloe Vera Plantation, Indian Cave, Cave of Doom, and Playa Canoa Beach. If you're looking for a good ATV tour, then check out there booking options here.

#9 Visit the Aloe Vera Plantation

The Aloe Vera Plantation was a part of my ATV tour, but you can visit it separately. The admission to the plantation is free, and no reservations are needed. It's open Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m until 4 p.m. I was glad that I paired this visit with my ATV tour because it's not one of those places that you will need to visit for a long time. Plus, our guide Leo was very knowledgable about the island including, the Aloe Vera Plantation. It was interesting to hear about the history of aloe vera on the island. There's also a store onsite that sells aloe vera products.