Gyspy by Knature Black owned Business

I'm just one of those types of people who enjoy finding unique fashion items. So, when I came across a black-owned brand, Knature The Label, I was immediately intrigued.

I have been desperately wanting to purchase more gold costume jewelry designed with a little more creativity. But, I wanted it to have some longevity and not tarnish so quickly.

Black Jewelry Designer Gypsy by Knature

So coming across Knature The Label, designed by Anishka, I instantly fell in love with a few of the items created. What caught my attention right away was the simplicity and boldness of these pieces.

I purchased two different products from her line, the 3" Naomi Hoop Earrings and the Gold Soul Necklace.

Jewelry Brand Gyspy by Knature

Now, gold jewelry is an obsession of mine. I just love it and prefer it most times over silver jewelry. So I was really pleased with the options available by Knature The Label.

The Naomi 3" Hoop Earrings are lightweight and plated with 18K gold. The Gold Soul Necklace has a sterling silver chain covered with 24K gold. I liked the length of the pendant necklace and that it is engraved with an Egyptian hieroglyph that symbolizes stability and endurance.

Gypsy by Knature Jewelry

Overall, I would say I'm a major fan of the gold hoop earrings as I wear them all the time. The high gold polish to them can make any outfit pop. Also, I love the earring backs design on the hoops as they are thicker and makes them feel secure on my ears. I feel like it elevates them just that much more, giving them a more sophisticated look.

I'm satisfied with the purchase from the brand. I made this purchase over a few months ago. The jewelry is still holding up great, and I've experienced no tarnishing.

I've been enjoying making so many purchases from black owned brands, are there any brands that you're loving right now?

xx, Dayna