Gyspy by Knature Black owned Business

I am just one of those types of people that enjoy finding unique fashion items. One thing that I can say that quarantining and social distancing has done for me is made me hyper-aware of certain things. Whether it's me being cautious with social interactions, pushing social injustice and racism back into the forefront of my mind, or patronizing more Black-owned businesses. I'm seeking and searching out great Black brands, especially ones that are female-owned more frequently.

It's something about seeing other women grow and blossom into their own that is so satisfying for me to observe. So when I came across the jewelry brand Gypsy by Knature (website here) it immediately grabbed my attention.

Black Jewelry Designer Gypsy by Knature

I've been desperately wanting to purchase more gold jewelry pieces that have unique designs. But, will also have some longevity and not tarnish so quickly. So when I came across this brand that is designed by a jewelry designer by the name of Anishka, I instantly loved the things that she had produced. For me, the designs are creative and evoke a level of simplicity but boldness.

I was able to purchase two different pieces from her jewelry lines, such as the 3" Naomi Hoop Earrings (here) and the Gold Soul Necklace (here).

Jewelry Brand Gyspy by Knature

I have such an obsession with gold, so I appreciate the boldness of each piece that she has created. The Naomi 3" earrings are lightweight and plated with 18K gold. The Gold Soul necklace with 24K gold and the chain of the necklace is sterling silver but covered with gold. The coin pendant on the necklace is an Egyptian hieroglyph that symbolizes stability and endurance.

Gypsy by Knature Jewelry

My favorite of both of her designs is the hoops. I love large earrings, and I like that she added a high gold polish to them. I also love the earring backs to the design it elevates the hoops even more. It gives them a more cohesive and sophisticated look to me.

The necklace has a nice weight to it, and I wanted a pendant necklace that was longer so that I could layer it with other jewelry. Overall, I have to say that I am satisfied with the purchase I made from Gypsy by Knature. I'm patiently waiting to see what other designs she will produce and if there is going to a restock on the Woven Rope choker that she has designed (see it here).