When I travel, I feel like the nightlife scene is apart of the overall experience. So naturally, while visiting Panama for five days, I was able to check out some of their nightlife. I already knew from my research before heading to Panama that they had an active nightlife scene, with a little bit of something for everyone. I found myself drawn to the area of Casco Viejo majority of the time for much of the nightlife that I indulged in while in Panama City.

Here are a few places to experience some of Panama's nightlife.

#1 Chupitos 507

Is a cool shots bar as they offer over 70 different variations of shots. Depending on the type of shots that you choose to order will determine if it's served up with fire or in some other unique way. Not only do they have plenty of shot options they also serve other drinks and beer. Most of their shots are only $5, but we noticed that you could pay $20 for open shots all night. Plus, on Thursday nights, ladies can drink for free between 9:30 to 11:30 p.m.

#2 Zaza Lounge

After having dinner on Friday night, we were randomly roaming around the area of Casco Viejo. We stumbled upon this long line of people waiting to get into a place, and out of curiosity, we went to go check it out. Once we walked over to the spot, we asked those working the door how much it was to get in. They told us it was only $15, and it included an open bar. They let us in, and it was just so much energy inside. The crowd was singing and dancing to the reggaeton music. They also mixed in a limited amount of Top 40 music during the night.

#3 La Septima

Because we went to Zaza Lounge the night before, we ended up meeting a local promoter. He contacted us and invited us out the next night to La Septima. This spot is typically a restaurant, but on this particular night, it turned into a party that went well into 4 a.m. The DJ was spinning mostly reggaeton and Top 40. It was very crowded inside, but we still had a good time.

#4 Tantalo

Panama City has plenty of rooftops all over the place. One of the rooftops that we visited was called Tantalo. It's one of the first rooftop bars in the Casco Viejo area, and it's still going strong. It's one of the few places that is also open every day of the week. We decided to hang out here for a little while on a Sunday night since a lot of places were closed. It was a fairly decent crowd and had more of a chill atmosphere going on.

#5 Gatto Blanco

After leaving Chupitos 507 on a Thursday night, we came across Gatto Blanco. It is a rooftop bar located in Casco Viejo. It had a laid back vibe to it where it seemed like the DJ played mostly soft EDM. Although it was a very calm atmosphere, they had a nice sized crowd for a Thursday night.



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