The nightlife scene is a part of the overall experience for me when I travel. So while visiting Panama City for five days, I hit a few of their popular nightclubs and bars. They have an active nightlife scene, with a little bit of something for everyone.

Here are a few places to experience some of Panama's nightlife.

#1 Chupitos 507

Chupitos 507 is a shots bar that offers over 70 different variations of shots. Either the bartenders will serve it up with a fire show or some other unique way. Not only do they have plenty of shot options they also serve other alcoholic beverages and beer. Thursday nights, ladies can drink for free between 9:30 to 11:30 p.m.

#2 Zaza Lounge

On a Friday night after having dinner. We stumbled on Zaza Lounge when we saw a long line of people waiting outside to get in the place. Out of curiosity, we went to go check it out. It was $15 to get in, which included an open bar. Zaza was very high energy, and the crowd was singing and dancing to reggaeton music all night. The DJ did mix in a little bit of Top 40 music during the night.

#3 La Septima

We met a promoter the night before, at Zaza Lounge, that invited us to La Septima that Saturday night. It's typically a restaurant but, on the weekend, at night, it turns into a nightclub that goes well into 4 a.m. You'll find the DJ spinning reggaeton and Top 40 music the majority of the night.

#4 Tantalo

One of the rooftops that we visited was called Tantalo. It's in the Casco Viejo area, and it's one of the places opened every day of the week. We hung out here for a bit Sunday night since a lot of other places were closed. There was a decent crowd and had more of a chill atmosphere going on.

#5 Gatto Blanco

Gatto Blanco is another rooftop bar in the Casco Viejo area. It had more of a laid-back vibe where the DJ played a lot of soft EDM music. Although it was a very calm atmosphere, they had a nice crowd for a Thursday night, along with some good drinks.