It was a busy weekend for us while visiting Panama City, as we decided to take the Red Cat Catamaran over to Tabago Island. Just the day before, we took a flight over to the Island of Contadora for some relaxing time on the beach (read that here). This was more of a fun day trip that we wanted to do over to Tabago Island, otherwise known as "The Island of Flowers."

Onboard the Red Cat

The Red Cat is a large catamaran, and it provides ample room on board. It's an all-inclusive day tour that will last for up to 6 hours, between 9 a.m to 3 p.m. The price of the tour is $89 per person for adults and just $69 per child (tickets here). It will take around 45 minutes each way to get to and from Tabago Island. Which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the scenic route that they take you on. Once we boarded, they went over the rules as they served up a light breakfast. Once we begin sailing along with breakfast, they had an open bar, a DJ playing music, and the crew entertaining everyone onboard. Along with the views, everyone enjoyed themselves and had fun with one another.

Tabago Island

Most people that visit Isla Tabago go solely for the beach. But, I would like to remind you that the island also has a small town of people located there that are very friendly. We explored the small town first before enjoying the beach. There are plenty of hills but fairly easy to walk the streets. There weren't very many other tourists that joined us from the catamaran tour enjoying the town. It was like we were walking the streets by ourselves, and we experienced local islanders waving and welcoming us from their homes. The small town is filled with greenery and flowers are all over the place. We could see why it is called "The Island of Flowers."

Tabago island also hosts the second oldest church in Latin America that dates back to the 15th century. What we didn't know at the time is that we could've asked someone to open up the church, that was closed at the time, for us to see inside. So we missed out on seeing some old relics and learning more history about the church.

15th Century Church

The beaches of Isla Tabago are pretty popular with local Panamanians. It's one of the most inexpensive islands to visit while in Panama City. Many will take the local ferry over aboard on the Tabago Express for a $20 roundtrip ticket price. I have to admit, from my experience, the beaches of Tabago had nothing on our visit to Contadora Island. Tabago was more active, although the beach wasn't too crowded on our visit. We heard that typically during the weekend, it can be busy because Panamanians will go to Tabago to enjoy the beach.

One thing I would also like to mention is that there are a few restaurants located on the island to enjoy. We always love to support the local economy, so we stopped and grabbed some food to go from a restaurant called Mundi's. I ended up getting a meal made up of rice and shrimp that was so flavorful and delicious. But, if you're looking to remain on the beach the entire time, there are plenty of vendors lined up along the beach so you can purchase drinks, food, and other items from them.

I ended up grabbing a delicious piña colada from one of the beach vendors. It was so good, and they took time chopping up all of the pineapples and plating it in such a cute way. They do it so that you can enjoy the fresh slices of pineapple as you drink your piña colada. I ended up having to ditch it after a while because it was so much, and it attracted a lot of bees.

Tabago Island was a good island to see, and Red Cat Catamaran made it even more enjoyable. But, I would suggest if you're searching for white sand beaches to head over to either Contadora or San Blas. I did enjoy being able to see more locals at the beach. There were also more facilities and restaurants set up on the island. Although the beach wasn't a favorite of mines, it was a fun and enjoyable day trip.