I have to admit that I was very behind on discovering this lighted mirror called Riki Skinny by Glamcor. But, now I'm here, and I'm officially in the loop of things. Glamcor is a brand that sells professional lighting equipment and vanity mirrors.

I ended up coming across the Riki Skinny Vanity Mirror while looking for a replacement vanity mirror. After recently misplacing the last one I had. I needed to find a new one that would be both reliable and beneficial for when I travel. One of the things that bother me the most when I travel is the lack of lighting in hotel spaces. I mean, it is the worst place to do your makeup sometimes. I would like to know who's designing these spaces with such lighting in mind.

I must admit this mirror is more on the pricier side of portable mirrors, but I viewed it as more of an investment. I was willing to pay the price after I checked out of the features that the Riki Skinny Mirror offers. The cost of the Riki Skinny Mirror is $195. I purchased it for $175 after receiving a promotional code of $20 from signing up for an email subscription. The mirror size is 9.5 x 13 inches, and it's much larger than a typical lighted travel mirror. Multiple accessories are included with the Riki Skinny. Such as an adjustable stand, 3x magnetic mirror, magnetic phone clip, and a USB charging cord.

The Riki Skinny has five different levels of brightness. It can get bright, and it illuminates more of white light, so you don't mismatch your makeup. I can typically use the lowest light setting, and it's still bright enough for me to see everything that I'm doing. There is also a Bluetooth function that allows you to connect your cellphone to the mirror. It can be used along with the magnetic clip attachment to mount your phone to take selfies and record videos. Another benefit of the Riki Skinny Mirror is that there are no batteries. It has a rechargeable battery that can last for a few days. It makes it that much easier to set up the mirror anywhere for you to use it. I can typically go three days before I need to recharge the battery.

I did have one concern when purchasing the Riki Skinny, especially for the price. That was having a place to store it while traveling. Glamcor does sell a plastic case call the Riki envelope that costs an additional $60. I honestly couldn't bring myself to add that to my cart to purchase. So instead, I decided to go on Amazon to search for an equivalent but cheaper alternative option. I was able to find a 15.6-inch neoprene laptop sleeve for $10.99 (find it here). I couldn't be happier with it as it gets the job done. It provides what I was looking for as storage for my new Riki Skinny Mirror, and the protection that I need to pack it with me on my travels.